Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ok, so this time we were a little piratey

WE CAME 5th!!! The Pirates are the greatest! Or the 5th greatest at least!!

This weekend we had a beach volleyball tournament in Kamloops. It was generally the same teams we play during the week, but it ran over a whole day. Rather than being in different pools (where we're C of D) we had to play against people who were much, MUCH better than us.

Pete after a rather unimpressive (outcome) face plant
We were the only ones dressed up, and the only ones who brought a sweet amount of gear to keep us entertained. People were jealous of our get-up, until they saw us play. During pool play it was all bad news. We didn't win a single game and were ranked 12th .... out of 12. It was not looking promising.
Drinks/Pool break
Luckily, during the quick break we stocked up on enough beer and smokies to make us semi amazing. We then had to play best of 3 (like regular beach volleyball, but nothing we'd done), which at one stage meant playing 5 games in a row. Half cut. In 36 degree weather. After playing 5 previous games. Painful!
Trying to stay cool and hydrated!
Some how we managed to win 2 matches, get flogged in the next, then win our last one by default as that team got too hot/tired and went home! Best. Outcome. Ever!

6 in the pool

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