My Personal A-Z of Canada

I first came across this idea when reading another expat blog, Expatlogue (check it out, she's a pretty nifty writer. Jealous? I am). Apparently it started with Julie Dawn Fox and ended up being a pretty popular idea. Now a bunch of people are using their own A-Z to tell stories about their new country. Since everyone has different ideas and experiences, it's interesting to see what other people have as their main points of interest.

Anyway, I figured some people may not want to only read about my random adventures but are actually curious about Canada. Since my creativity skills are about 1.5/10, this seemed easier than coming up with a new topic all on my own. At least I have letters to start with now! Don't fret, I'll still keep you updated with all things O'Haras ;)

Click the links and check it out!

A is for America vs Canada Rivalry
B is for Bacon
C is for Cars and Clamato Juice
C is also for Curling
D is for Dangerous
E is for "Eh?!"
F is for Franchises and Floating

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