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Canadian to Australian

In Australia, we tend to shorten words and add an 'o' on the end. Servo= Service Station, Bottlo = Bottle shop etc. In Canada, they generally add words together to make a word that generally means what the two words alone did. Does that make sense?

Just a few I have come across! Additions welcome
  • Bangs = Fringe
  • Brown Bread = Not like brown bread in Australia (unbleached flour and gross), but white bread with molasses added. Delicious
  • Bunny Hugger = I think it's some sort of jumper/hoodie. To me it seems like they're talking about boobs?!
  • Christmas Orange = Manderine
  • Clamato Juice = Clam flavoured tomato juice (delish... really)
  • Caesar = Bloody Mary but with Clamato Juice
  • Cookie Tray = Baking Tray
  • Dime = 10c
  • Double-Double = Two creams and two sugars in coffee. Ordered at Tim Horton's, a coffee chain started by an ex NHL player. Of course.
  • Fingering = Giving someone the finger/flipping the bird
  • Flat = Carton/Case of beer
  • Freezies = Icypoles
  • Giviner = (Giving her??) Going hard
  • Growler = A (nearly) 2L glass bottle of beer that you can buy from pubs and stuff. Wrong
  • Homo Milk = Full fat homogenised milk (so wrong)
  • Housecoat = Dressing Gown/Robe
  • Hydro Bill = Electricity Bill (from hydro power)
  • Keener =Try Hard
  • Kraft Dinner, KD= Mac and Cheese in a box, an expansion from Easy Mac (Wikipedia quote: "it so precisely laser-targets the favoured Canadian food groups: fat, sugar, starch and salt")
  • Loonie = $1
  • Nickel = 5c
  • Parkade = Parking Garage/Car Park
  • Penny = 1c
  • Pop = Soft Drink
  • Pritnear = Pretty near, pretty close or something along those lines
  • Sharpie = Texta
  • Toonie = $2 "It's federal currency and you people talk about it like it's a Hanna-Barbara character"
  • Toque (Pronounced Took) = Beanie
  • Truck = Ute
  • Two-Four = Case/Carton of beer
  • Washroom = Bathroom/Toilet
  • Wholemeal Bread = A mix between brown and wholegrain. I haven't found actual wholegrain yet

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  1. Holy McKenna...He shoots he scores....that's what you hear when you see a player score a goal in an ice-hockey game on CBC TV