Sunday, 13 January 2013

C is for Cars and Clamato Juice

There is no way you can choose just one of these when in Canada, so here goes.

I haven't heard of any city in Canada that is known for it's public transport. Here, cars rule. The bigger the better, you can't be a real man and not drive a truck. Obviously. Cars seem to be a status symbol here, so much more so than Australia. At home, old shit boxes are cool. Almost.

Unfortunately, not all Canadians are good drivers. This is coming from the self admitted worst driver ever, but people can be pretty shit. So many people drive huge utes, they drive as if they are the only people on the road. Also, parking them is obviously a bit of a joke. We started collecting photos of people who suck at parking, but it got old when we realised we could get multiple photos a week.

Winter has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works, with snow and ice causing all sorts of problems. I think I now understand why car insurance is so expensive here (over $2000 per year, for expats anyway). The other morning there were 4 accidents before 8am.
Try parking this bad boy between the lines

Clamato Juice
Picture the most delicious Bloody Mary you have ever had. Times it by maybe 2 (I was going to say a zillion, but that would just be too delicious) and that is a Caesar. Like a Bloody Mary except made with Clamato Juice.

The ingredients in Clamato Juice? Well I always thought it was just tomato juice and clam juice. Then I took a photo for the blog, but I wish I hadn't. Not really the most healthy of things.... how is it possible for tomato juice to have no vitamin C? Don't worry, MSG wasn't forgotten.

Dried clam broth, mmmmmmm, but it doesn't taste like clam really. It just kinda tastes like slightly sweeter tomato juice. Delicious.

I blame you curious people in Aus for making me read the ingredients. I now have knowledge regret.

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