Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What's better than a Winter Wine Festival?

Nothing, it's a fact. Winter Wine Festivals are a win.

Last weekend we went with a bunch of friends to the Sun Peaks Winter Festival of Wine. This was a 2 week course of events held at a Sun Peaks, a local mountain resort. We went to the Progressive Wine Tasting event, which basically consisted of us wandering through the village tasting a bunch of local wines.
Cool wine glass pens and party of the crew
We had the most incredible weather all weekend, which meant wandering the village drinking wine was possibly one of the best nights we've had. Some highlights from the weekend, names omitted to protect the guilty!

  • Quick snack of roast chicken sandwiches before wine tasting, and pounding cheese without crackers at the event
  • Four snowboards were dropped off to get waxed Friday night, only one made it to the mountain on Saturday
  • Someone got their nipples rubbed by a colleague during wine tasting
  • Everyone always asking to try the Ice Wine
  • Someone took "good wine" notes that significantly increased in quantity over the course of the night
  • "Did you get that snow from outside?"
  • "Can I tip it out?"
  • One girl wasn't bashed by teens because they "heard she's a tough c*^t"
  • One couple lost the group, then met us on the way to the condo carrying delicious bread
  • Someone taught the Australians the value of a good rum snow cone
  • One couple went all "European" and got nude in the hot tub
  • The male nudie thought it was ok to try and wrestle people in the hot tub
  • Someone's stress ended in swilling rum from the bottle in the hot tub
  • Someone got drunk and went all SK
  • Someone having no idea how they managed to get into to the top bunk
  • Someone bled in the hot tub after being gouged by the nudist wrestler's nail
  • Two girls sat up in bed watching Clueless and eating roast chicken at 1am
  • 3 boys had 3 different yelling conversations until 3:30am in the hot tub
  • One couple had to listen to this conversation through the window on the pull out sofa
  • 4 of 8 people didn't step foot outside the condo Saturday
  • Mimosas Saturday morning
  • One dog having only child syndrome and never letting anyone pat the other dog
  • Someone woke up Saturday, got dressed to hit the slopes only to stagger back to bed
  • Pancakes and bacon one morning, and bacon and egg muffins the next
  • One couple made a late comeback at Crib
  • Cheese fondue for dinner
  • Two "Blue Bird" days on the hill, with positive temps keeping the snow soft
  • One couple graciously offered the master bedroom on night two, after spending a drunken, puking, full day sweating it out in bed
  • 3 people started watching the Canucks game, until halfway though the 2nd period. We changed to Zoolander
  • No domestics between the 8 people sharing a 2 bedroom condo
Rum Snow Cone! The toads loved the wine
I'm pretty sure both O'Hara and I lost some brain cells over the weekend. On Monday O'Hara went to Ottawa for the week (around -20 deg C) and forgot to take a jacket. That afternoon I left the petrol cap off when driving home. Fails!

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  1. Your posts are hysterical. Always look forward to reading them! xo