Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Canadian Happy Holidays

Well it's all over. The period that I was most excited for and dreading all at the same time. Excited because I was maybe going to experience a white Christmas and terrified because I knew I was going to miss everything going on at home.

So, we got the white Christmas! Kamloops generally doesn't get a lot of snow and December is a bit early but the snow Gods were happy with us and while we were on holidays Kamloops got snow. Quite a bit of snow really, enough that when we got home we had to shovel the driveway and scrape the car off!

Christmas didn't actually feel like Christmas at all, not because of the lack of decorations or snow or carols. Purely because Canada is almost a full day behind Australia at the moment. This meant I'd already spoken to my parents multiple times the day before and had a nice dinner because O'Hara was working Christmas day (no one feel bad for him, he only worked like 5 days in December).

I did however have a very fun day. I spent the day hanging out with the Wilsons and Greg and Lil. All Australians which I'd like to think meant we cracked the champas early. We spent the morning making Christmas food and sledding. Sledding for my first EVER time. It turns out it's actually quite fun. Especially when sled wars or trains occur. I'm clearly a giant kid at heart.
The sled train and my scared face!
For Christmas arvo we went to Kelly and Paul's house (American and Canadian) where they hosted 11 Australians for Christmas dinner, 2 deep-fried turkeys. Yep! This was obviously very kind of them. We drank and ate and drank and ate which is standard for Christmas.
Wii Just Dance and Christmas Love
Boxing Day I managed to be hungover enough that cleaning the house took around 5 hours. We were very lucky and got a cheeky visit from Daniel (O'Hara's brother) and Leonie. They were on the way through to Niagara for a wedding and stopped through.

Thursday we took Daniel and Leonie out to Lac du Bois with the Wilsons for more sledding and skating. Sadly the lakes were still too sloppy, so skating would likely to have ended in death or at a minimum soaked with ice water.
O'Hara will catch me, but not Daniel
O'Hara cooks a BBQ while we watch
The day ended with a beautiful sunset and moon. Perfection!
We managed a day at Sun Peaks in between Christmas and New Year, there was a bunch of snow which meant it was many soft landings for me. Winner!

For New Years Eve we made a late minute decision to head to Silver Star to visit the Wilsons and Burtons. More snow, beautiful ski village, tubing, skating and snowboarding. All in less than 24 hours!
It's important to hang on... sorry boys but this one is too good 
Ice-skating in the snow, and O'Hara learning how to play ice hockey
Above the clouds and me being a fail at snowboarding
Sadly my January 1st ended with a nasty stack, tears at the t-bar and a snow graze on my chin. Onwards and upwards I hope!

Thanks Wilsons for entertaining us for the holidays!


  1. Love these photos! Especially the landscapes and last two snow photos. Gorgeous!

    1. Don't you just know how to make a girl feel special!! Thanks lovely xx

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