Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Shuswap Cabining Weekend

We made the most of the rapidly disappearing summer last weekend. Our lovely friends have just as lovely friends who have a cabin out at the Shuswap.

Cabining is an age old Canadian past time. The equivalent of going to the shack or beach house in Australia. It reminded me of the good old days, spending your summers on the boat, swimming and developing a great tan before going back to school. Remember the days when you actually got tanned over summer? I guess my skin health thanks me for not doing that anymore, but I miss the envious "you're sooo tanned" comments.

This wasn't just a weekend of meeting some friends of friends (love doing that!) and hanging by the lake. This was a weekend of firsts. Some had their first keg stand, some their first cliff jump into a lake, some their first view of the salmon run, some their first paddle board, some their first homemade cider keg stand (everyone?), some their first skinny dip in a lake, and some their first skinny dip full stop.

Unfortunately we're at that age and some have professional careers, so including photos of these events isn't really appropriate. We had a wonderful weekend friends! Here's hoping Autumn brings just as much fun.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Some Summer Weekends in Kamloops

We've been in Kamloops for the last three weekends which has been really nice. Last summer we were travelling a lot, so didn't get to enjoy the lovely summer heat in town very much. We now don't have a weekend at home until October so I guess it was good timing. Summer has been awesome in BC as well, as long as you like hot and no rain (who doesn't?). Kamloops is dry as a chip, so it's not pretty but it's hot.

The first weekend was the August long weekend. Our friends Greg and Lil came up to the 'loops because Greg was playing in a soccer tourney. We floated the river TWICE that weekend. The river was moving a fair bit slower than the Channel in Penticton but there aren't many better things to do than float down a river, in the sun, drinking beers with a good group of friends. My underwater camera has decided to die so I sadly didn't get any photos on either trip.
This is what happens when you try and fit people and floats in your car!
Next weekend was the much anticipated Kamloops Ribfest. We missed out on going last year, but had friends that loved it. They loved it so much the went all three days, and it sold out each day. We were in Vancouver for work during the week, but came back Saturday so we could attend. We were pretty excited! On Sunday we got the kayak out (finally) and paddled down the river to Ribfest (again). I think we would have tried 4 different types of ribs over the weekend. Not sad about that at all!
Granville Island Brooms and a blurry kayak shot.
People will wait for these delicious bad boys!
This last weekend we had a quick visit from an Australian uni friend and his wifey. They moved to Vancouver at the start of summer and were on a cheeky interior trip before their baby arrived. Looking forward to visiting them in Vancouver with their new bub soon! We also went out to Barriere for a chicken rotisserie BBQ. Homegrown chickens and everything! I don't think I've ever had chicken that tasted that good. There is no comparison!

I'm looking forward to the weekends of fun that are coming up. In particular a short trip to the Motherland in September!!