Monday, 7 January 2013

Our First Ice Fishing Adventure

O'Hara and I were so keen to try this out, ever since we came to Canada and found out it's actually something that people do. My favourite thing to do is tell people I want to catch a fish so big it can't fit through my ice hole..... Unfortunately our first attempt went very similar to every single of O'Hara's other fishing attempts. Epic fail. Not even a nibble.

So, ice fishing is basically exactly what you'd expect. Drill a hole in the ice, sit and wait until you catch a fish. The fun part (aside from fishing if you get something) is the campfire, talking rubbish, whiskey and beer. Standard.
Watching the camera in the snow. Dedication
I love roasted marshmallows!!
It's also a pretty technical experience, if you go with Luke anyway there's no drop a line and wait. That would be silly. It's all about having an underwater camera, so you can see if there is fish there in the first place. How did we not catch anything even with a camera? O'Hara is the most unlucky fishing charm.

We also had a little mini hut thing, that you can sit in with a heater and fish for hours. When we went it wasn't overly cold and we had a fire so didn't really use it. I can imagine if it was much colder or there was more snow, it would be pretty important.
O'Hara trying to stay warm and some idiots on the underwater camera
We've got friends visiting in a month, so we're hiring a cabin by the lake for a weekend. Surely over 2 days we'll have to get something. I'm wondering if we don't take any food, there would be more incentive to catch something?


  1. This is the first time I heard about ice fishing, but it sounds cool and fun, as shown in your photos. Well, the first time is always hard but you’re getting used to it. I hope to read more of your adventures soon. :)
    {Melanie Daryl}

    1. Thanks Melanie! Yep, it's pretty different. Apparently when there is no snowand clear, you can watch the fish swim underneath you! That would be cool!!

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