Sunday, 1 May 2016

F is for Franchises and Floating

Now I'm not really sure if this is mostly just in Kamloops, but there seems to be an unnaturally large amount of franchise restaurants in Canada. Franchise restaurants are in no way limited to fast food outlets such as Maccas or KFC, there are some nice restaurants included as well.

In Kamloops (a town of 100,000) we have, the Keg, Rick's Grill, Earl's, Milestones, Whitespot, Original Joe's, Boston Pizza, Shark Club, Moxie's, Brown's Social House, Cora's, Mike's Steakhouse Casual, and Kelly O'Bryan's. There are also many associated with hotels and I'm sure I'm not covering them all.

While I find it frustrating because it means there is less room for variety, there are some benefits to having common restaurants. It means you're able to go anywhere in Canada and eat out at a restaurant that you know is going to be the same. For families it's handy.

Floating is now one of my absolute favourite things to do. I've never done the Australian pilgrimage to Laos for the float there, and unfortunately I think I'm a little old for that one now. I've settled with doing it in a first world country, where the chances of being poisoned by whiskey are low, but being hit by a boat is slightly higher.

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