Monday, 6 August 2012

JIan visit and August Long Sneak Peek

Okanagan Wine Tasting
Whitewater Rafting
Wheels goes on his first adventure
Lake Louise Hiking

Calling the bears
Canoeing Lake Louise
Wine and Cheese
Kayaking Lake Louise

Swimming in the glacier lake
Drunk in Lake Louise

We've had a big week! 

Jemma and Ian visited on their way back to Australia (they've been travelling for nearly 4 MONTHS!!) They went on some local adventures with O'Hara as he was on days off.

We went to Lake Louise for the BC Day Long Weekend. Friends from Cobar, who now live in Vancouver joined us in hiking, drinking, eating, kayaking, drinking and eating.

It's been brilliant! Full update will follow!


  1. Canada looks beautiful!! I'm enjoying following your adventures xx

    1. It was such a fun weekend!! I'm a bit sad that summer is getting away from me!