Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kamloopa Pow Wow

We went to our first Pow Wow!

Pow Wows are a gathering of Native American People where they compete in different events such as dancing, singing or playing drums. There was also a selection of traditional food, clothing and other merchandise. Personal favourite was a store that sold girls dance outfits, and one was Barbie brand. Would Native American Barbie be PC??
Grand Parade where all the competitors come out together
Kamloopa Pow Wow is one of the biggest Pow Wows in Western Canada. It goes over 3 days and there were hundreds and hundreds of people who had travelled from around Canada and the US to compete!

I can't imagine anything better as a little girl (or boy I guess) getting to camp out with your friends, wear awesome outfits and dance! I was pretty jealous, especially of the beautiful head dresses.
Drum and singing competitors. AMAZING!
For dinner we had Bannock (traditional fried flat bread - a bit like a doughnut) and Indian Taco *giggle* (Bannock with Chili, lettuce, cheese and salsa). It was delicious. Interesting note: Bannock is INCREDIBLE with Vegemite!!

Indian Taco!!

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