Thursday, 16 August 2012

I'm here with all of my people (raarr rarrr raarr)

We've been on the road again so this is a delayed post about our amazing trip to Lake Louise.

We stayed in Lake Louise for 2 nights over the August long weekend, with Jemma and Ian, and Greg and Olivia (friends from Cobar who live in Vancouver).
Enjoying a cheeky pit stop at Revelstoke
The weather couldn't have been better. For all those people who said we'd freeze to death in Canada, I don't think I've had a better summer in about 5 years. No doubt during winter I'll wonder if I'll ever be warm again, but for now it's all very nice.

So it turns out that O'Hara and Jemma have some pretty impressive skills when it comes to planning a weekend away. They managed to prepare 2 amazing meals for 6 of us, steak and ribs, all ready to put on the BBQ once we wanted to eat. Bulk limes and rum was also included, and I was assigned official mixologist for the weekend (yay me!)
Mmmmmm mojitos!
O'Hara is still the only one not to have seen a bear. Jem and Ian managed to spot a Grizzly on the Gondola up Lake Louise! Lil and I did our best to call the bears out while walking to the top of the mountain, but didn't have any luck. We even used The Presets "My People" as our theme song, but nothing. Maybe in the Autumn you'll have more luck O'Hara?
We made it to the top! I make them jump!
Sweet view
We spent the rest of the day cooling off in the glacier lake of Lake Louise, kayaking and drinking copious amount of wine. So much so, it seemed like an awesome idea to serenade the cars in front and behind us during the traffic jam on the way home. Poor O'Hara was DD and didn't find me nearly as funny as I found myself. Standard!
Oh hello beautiful
The photos make it seem serene, but in reality there were hundreds and HUNDREDS of people there. For some reason I associate crazy crowds with European sights, not Canada. This was obviously very misguided. Still, we worked out our timing pretty well and managed to park close to the lake, some unlucky ones had around a 3km walk to get in. Bummer!
The happiest type of picnic

The Rocky Mountains is an incredible place. It was the first place that we've been to that really felt "Canadian". O'Hara and I will hopefully get back to the Banff area for the ski season. Jasper is supposed to be incredible and I'd like to visit the place Mum and Dad worked while in Canada. Plus there is Lake O'Hara. Sounds like it would be a pretty awesome lake!

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