Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Whatevar, I don't sound like a pirate yarrrr

I've always been asked what my accent is.

When I was in England it was a mix of NZ and South Africar. When I'm in Australiar it's Americar or England. Really it's a Tasmanian accent. It's different. Whatevar.

I expected when coming to Canadar that people would understand me a little better than O'Harar because my accent isn't quite as strong. I thought they'd laugh at some things we said like thongs, boot, bogans, ute, yarn, aluminium. I didn't think I'd get arsked why I spoke like a pirate yarrr.

This is from people who say oot, aye, aboot, tuque (they mean beanie), aluminum, givr (pronounced give-r with a strong emphasis on the 'r' - I think it means give her?) and pop (soft drink). Some of those depend on where you're from (like everyone in Australiar doesn't say youse), but since arriving I've heard all multiple times. They also spell with that bastardised version of American English.

Unfortunatly, I'm a minority and therefore have to have to deal with people asking me to spell "Canadar"and "bananar"and "tomarto".


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