Friday, 8 June 2012

Wine. I like wine

The May long weekend (Queen's birthday equivalent I think...) had us heading down to Penticton. That's the home town of a friend in Kamloops, who kindly invited us on a weekend mini-break.

What I've seen so far of BC reminds me a lot of Tasmania. Daffodils, stone fruit, slow starts to summer/snow in summer, loads of local produce etc. I like it. There were loads of things I didn't realise I was missing out on living in NSW until I came here.

Penticton adds an additional element to Tasmanian similarity coolness. There is hundreds (I think) of delicious cool climate wineries! Initially we were sceptical, we went to a wine show in Kamloops that hosted a bunch of Okanagan wines and were weren't impressed. Too sweet, strange blends and overall not that great.

Penticton however had us completely sold. Their summers are apparently really warm, and the local thing to do is float down the channel between two lakes. Boozing along the way obviously. It looks similar to tubing in Laos, with out the risk of taking a shot of dud whiskey and dying.

Good weather, good wine, good scenery and good food. I'm pretty much sold!

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