Saturday, 9 June 2012

12 months is too long

This morning I was reminded that a very special boy turns one this weekend.

This also means it's been 12 months since we last saw you Fitzy. If we'd know it'd be our last weekend with you, there's so much we could have said.
We would have played more Frogger.
We would have stayed hungover on the couch, rather than shop.
We would have told you just how much we missed you, being so far away.
We would have bought another jug of cocktails... not let you drink the random jug on the table.
We would have had more espresso martinis and stayed up all night.
We would have dragged you to the football game.
We would have thanked you for all the stories, the free concert tickets, the fun.
We would have told you how proud we are of all the things you've achieved.
We would have stayed for the week, not just the weekend.
We would have told you just how excited we were to share our wedding with you.
We would have held onto the hug goodbye.

There is no way to explain just how much we miss you, all the things we wish we'd said.

Thanks for watching over us. We'll play Frogger again.

Love Pots and Pans (I have faith you know what this means) xxx