Thursday, 14 June 2012

Canadian creatures

Australia has some great animals. Kultarrs are some of the coolest and cutest things going around. Unfortunately lots of them are nocturnal and therefore not many people get to see them in the wild. Canada however seems to have a bunch of fun (and conveniently delicious) animals who are happy to just chill out on the side of the road. Or in the bush behind your house.

Moose: while I wouldn't want to come up against one of these on the highway (Australian equivalent of Roos) moose are awesome. Giants with sad faces and funny looking antlers. Awesome. In Cobar the rugby team had a pet camel. I want a pet moose. A friend at work knows someone who found an abandoned calf and they reared it as a poddy calf. It now sleeps outside their bedroom window and eats their flowers.

Bears: some people seem to have the same complete fear of bears as others have of snakes and sharks. I think because we've only seen them on the TV and they look so cuddly and adorable, it's hard to be scared. I kinda want a pet one of those too but I was told it would make me a bad Enviro if I separated one from it's mummy and took it home with me...

These little munchkins needed a little help crossing the highway near work

Bighorn Sheep: They don't even look like sheep, but they do have big horns. These funny looking things mostly appeal to me because of Buck Hunter. I've fake killed so many of these bad boys (unlike moose and elk, those bastards never die).

Elk: these guys get mad! Apparently they attack people and cars if you get too close. Rearing horse, thrashing legs like. Hilarious (unless it's you). I've tried elk. It tasted good!

Disclaimer: until today I hadn't seen any of these animals but I've heard many stories. NOW I'VE SEEN A BEAR!! AND BABY BEARS!! Also, I kinda helped them cross the road without being squished! I'm excited to see/eat more Canadian creatures. Maybe not eat the bears, those babies are way too cute!

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