Monday, 4 June 2012

Arriving at midnight

I enjoy reading old diary entries, travel journals and letters. I hadn't thought of writing about our Canadian trip as we're "working" here and I thought it'd be boring.

That was stupid.

So I'm going to get all 21st Century and blog about it.

We started our journey a mere 6 days after we got married. If you want to test your stress levels, plan a wedding and leaving the country within a week. Big mistake. Huge.

At 6am AEST, Friday 23rd March we boarded the plane in Australia. At 11:30pm Pacific Time, Friday 23rd March we arrived in Vancouver (that's an 17hr time difference - I think). A 10hr layover in LA meant a midday nap on a friends couch. Perfect.

Given we received our visa paperwork 2 days before leaving, we expected some dramas at the airport. Canadian customs officials turned out to be efficient and cheery. Boarder security in Australia could probably take notes. One lady was being grilled over food in her bag, but rather than threaten to deport her she only received a first warning. Shocking. Maybe they assume people only really want to sneak into the States. Why go to Canada with the USA riigghhht next door?!

After 35 hours of travel we had the worlds greatest sleep! This was the view from our Honeymoon Suite

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