Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Spring, not as exciting as you'd expect

In what feels like forever, the most exciting things in my life have been Boogie, our amazing Anzac Day/Farewell party and the Blazers made it to the final round of the playoffs (only to be ousted by jerky Portland).
I'd love to post more photos from the party, but I'm 90% sure we'd be fired
So, Boogie the Bridge is an annual run held downtown Kamloops last weekend. I did my first fun run in about a zillion years! Well tried. I still can't run 5k, I'm sure that's supposed to be a really easy distance! There is a 5k, 10k and 21k and this year 2400 people ran/walked. All for charity, it was a lot of fun. There's a bunch of people cheering and playing music along the way. I was told that would make it really easy to run, but those people lied to me.
I've always wanted to bite a medal!
Aside from that, Spring has been SLOW. The weather seems to be hit and miss (no smugness), Kamloops is dry as hell (dryer than Cobar, imagine that!!) so there's no lovely flowers and not a lot is really going on. Hence why my blog posts have been about zero. Luckily, life is looking up!

It's playoffs time in the NHL, Alexis and Hal got us tickets and we're going to see the Canucks play! Excited is an understatement. Lets go Canucks!

Next weekend it's a spa getaway, next it's camping with the bears and after that it's LA. So. Pumped! Also beach volleyball has started, we're playing softball and boot camp is outside. Vitamin D levels are on the up and my body thanks me.

Look forward to some way more exciting stories!


  1. Loving you in race gear! Go Em! And I don't care what anyone says... running a 5K outside is HARD. Way to go! :)

    1. Thanks Mel :) Typical O'Hara did 10k with zero training and almost zero pain. That's the goal for next year!

  2. I don't know for BC, but here in Ottawa we go from freezing to sweating in a week or so. There isn't any spring, really! Fall is long and lovely though.

    1. Hah we seem to do the same, but there's lots of back to freezing in between! I can't really complain though, Kamloops weather is pretty easy to deal with :)
      I'm in Vancouver for the weekend so will get my fill of grass and spring flowers!

    2. Also thanks for the lovely birthday wishes!!