Saturday, 11 May 2013

Canucks and a Weekend of Fun!

We went to a NHL game! Bucket list, check. Sadly they didn't win, lost in time overtime actually. That was a bummer. I might just stick with the Blazers from now on.
These smiles would have been even bigger had they won... 
Fancy shmancy rink with two Zambonis!
So weekend of fun went something like this...

  • Drive to Vancouver and meet Alexis and Hal
  • Have delish seafood feast at Joe Fortes
  • Watch Canucks game
  • Meet Greg and Lil at farewell drinks (not theirs)
  • Sleep
  • Drive back to Kamloops, and drop O'Hara at work
  • 3 hour nap
  • Pick up O'Hara and go to 65th birthday party
  • Drop O'Hara home and go to karaoke birthday party
  • Sing until nearly 2am
  • Sleep
  • Meet Wilson's and Dave and Kim for coffee
  • Softball tourney for 5 hours
  • Pick up O'Hara
  • BBQ at Alexis and Hal's house
Also the weather was in the 30s. Aaahhhhhhhh-mazing! 

So for my delish seafood feast I had oysters and scallops. Oysters I've decided are better in Canada, than they are in Aus. I don't know why exactly, but I think it's because they are a bit smaller and more flavourful! 

Karaoke party for Sarah's birthday was so fun, I'm was still struggling with my voice. 4 days later! There were wigs and dress ups and some sweet dance moves. Jo and Gerad have a sweet set up at their place. There is a downstairs tiki bar, and now I have a new goal in my life! 
Beautiful -> Not so beautiful
Karaoke is better in costume. Fact
The softball tourney actually ran Saturday and Sunday, but I could only make it one day. A bit sad as the Saturday sounded out of control. They turned softball into stumps! Shotgun a beer, and the amount of time it takes to finish it is the amount of seconds you have to spin with your head on the bat. Apparently it ended with a lot of people on their butts! Hilarious. Sadly though at the end of the day we lost in the grand final. This is my first season playing softball so I'm not contributing a lot. Still, I've made it home a few times and got a couple of people out. It's about the best I can hope for! We bought our own gloves, so now it's just work to break them in and make them awesome. It's hard to get used to catching left handed, but I figure I'm better at that than throwing left handed. Also, I throw like a girl. I'm being trained by O'Hara.... Fitzy I feel you would have been much more useful on the pitch than we are. O'Hara's cut shots deliver a bit of a shock down right field but we both need a lot of practice!

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