Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Camping at Clearwater - May Long

First, I am writing this from Kamloops airport because Air Canada is the worst airline ever. My first flight of three was delayed, which means significant airport waiting and missing out on delish dinner plans. I would be less sad about the whole situation if they had some level of customer service, they could have done any number of things, an upgrade, access to the lounge, food and drink vouchers, any voucher?! But no, it's just a "sorry for the mix up". Of course if I was a man and didn't have stupid girl emotions, I would be able to chuck the shits. Instead I cry. Air Canada, I really hate you. If Canada wasn't so stupidly protectionist and had competition I would NEVER fly you.

Anyway! Luckily I have just returned from a relaxing long weekend, camping at Wells Gray National Park. Wells Gray is about 2 hours north of Kamloops. I love Canadians views on the weather, I think I was told at least 10 times that it was going to be freezing (going 2 hours NORTH and all). Apparently May Long Weekend you're supposed to go south, to find that warm weather?! It's not like we just came out of 3-4 months of minus temperatures or anything. So, it wasn't cold at all. I think it was in the 20s during the day, and I slept in a tent no problems at night. I bought all my thermals but didn't ever need them.
We had two short sun showers. No big deal!
This was my first tent experience in Canada, and probably the first since a Falls Festival however many years ago. I'm not going to lie, I was a little scared I was going to get eaten by bears. Wells Gray is supposed to be home of the bears, including Grizzlies! I made sure I didn't keep anything that could be construed as a bear snack in my tent. I needn't have worried, I only saw one bear the entire trip and only because I got up to go to the toilet around 6am and the lady who ran the site saw me and took me for a spin on her golf cart to see one. No babies though.
Skipping rocks across the river and stick races
We went for a mini walk along a cliff to see a fantastic view of Helmcken Falls. There's a lookout on one side, and also a short hike on the other. We did both, but the hike definitely had the view. The sun was right behind us so we had some fantastic waterfall rainbows.
On the left from the safe lookout, the right.. that dodgy cliff you can see in the first photo!
Prom pose and the ladies perched on the edge!
Steph had a fantastic set-up for dinner. We ate so well! It makes me like camping much more. Sadly O'Hara had to work so he wasn't there to test out his chef skills at the camp ground. I also tried s'mores for the first time. You know what? They are freaking disgusting! I don't like graham crackers for one, and Hershey's chocolate is revolting. It's so overly sweet it was just gross. Perhaps I would have developed the taste if I started eating them at a young age? I was so disappointed. It was something I'd been looking forward to!
Lil risking her life on the dodgy jetty and my perfect s'more that tasted shit
You can see Lil's jetty skills HERE. It's hilarious.

I think it's possible we've had the last of the nice weather before rainy June gets here. I'm concerned my flight may be further delayed as there is a severe thunderstorm warning in Kamloops today. Hurrah! I hope my office window is fixed, I did a HUGE happy dance when it was installed last week until two hours later when I had a significant water feature in my office. It was almost as premature as the happy dance I did when I totally made it to first base in softball... only to be called out (a few times as I was clearly not listening). The shame!


  1. Hi this is Eric Strom's wife. Hersey chocolate are you mad!!! That's so American. True Canadians know it has to be the thin good chocolate. Try again with thin Jersey milk or the really thin Dairy milk like the ones in Australia with the Aussie animals on the packs. I have seen similar ones somewhere in Canada. Can't help you with the Graham crackers because they aren't my love either. But the Chocolate is the killer. That fear of going to the toilet in the dark when camping and thinking you are going to see a bear gets ingrained in you. Camping here in Australia I still panic in the night. Kangaroos scare the crap out of me when they move at night. Air Canada yes..... Westjet have you tried them? I enjoy your blog for giggles.

    1. Hey Joanne! So nice to hear from you!

      I was actually thinking at the time how much better it would be with furry friends!! Cadbury chocolate is delish. I miss those :)

      I wouldn't be too worried about Roos when camping. Possums however are a nightmare. If you have food in your tent they'll want in. Not evil but very annoying!

      I hope you guys are enjoying Aus!

  2. I'm looking at the pic of the "smore", I too think they are discusting...but the pic doesn't show the layer of melted, burned and still on fire, all important large marshmellow. Did yours have the marshmellow? Personally I just want the burning, on fire, black bubbled up marshmellow on the end of a stick. You blow out the flame just before putting into your mouth....just make sure there's a cold cooler or beer handy.

  3. By the way...it's not the bears one has to be on the look out for at this park, but the crazy murderers....did anyone tell you the sorry sad tale of a family of 4 plus the grandparents? If I remember correctly this happened a year after we spent a weekend at this park. If you like waterfalls you should check out ....it's either Margaret Falls at Harold Park...or Harold Falls at Margaret Park ...but i think it's the first one...anyway it's in a place called Tappen just a little east of K'loops ...just don't go anytime before graduation because this park is (at least it was when we were there) a fav of teenagers in groups of 100 or so. The hike up to the falls gives you expectations of meeting up with dinosaurs with all the roots hanging around off the cliffs above you. You keep asking yourself "where is this waterfall anyway....are we ever going to get there....and then - there it is. And you don't want to leave. Check it out and let me know if it's still as i remember. i've always wanted to go back but never did. It's on Shuswap Lake, It should be very impressive right about now with all the high water everywhere.