Sunday, 2 September 2012

3 Australians, a Canadian and an American walk into a bar...

What happens when you put 3 Australians into a car with a Canadian and American? Obviously trouble!

We set out from Kamloops to Vancouver around 3pm. This drive is usually around 3.5-4 hours if you take the Coquihalla. As we were going through Whistler, the drive would have always taken longer than normal. TWENTY FIVE hours later we arrive in Vancouver. Pretty sure that's some kind of record.

So what were the learnings from this adventure?

  • Belieber hysteria has nothing on three girls seeing a bear. Or when driving on the sleep bumps too close to a toilet break
  • Call Me Maybe cannot be played too many times on one road trip
  • Someone from Texas and Cobar can have EXACTLY the same taste in music
  • A shotski is not just a word for shots (like brewskis) but instead shots all lined up on an actual ski
  • If you start singing Shots, you will have to do one of these
  • Whistler is busy as hell during summer
  • Ordering half the menu will result in me lying in foetal position wanting to die from being so full
  • Epic traffic on the Sea to Sky on a nice day is completely bearable (and a good opportunity to tan and paint your nails)

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