Saturday, 8 September 2012

LA Weekend and Wedding!

I've been meaning to write about this weekend for a while, but have been too lazy to transfer photos across computers. Terrible excuse! In early August, we were lucky enough to be able to travel back to LA for Andy and Rachel's wedding.

Rachel and Andy had an absolutely beautiful wedding! We busted some serious moves on the d-floor, Sweaty Girl obviously made an appearance. I may have avoided getting my face so pink it matched my dress... but I can't confirm it.
We were staying right near the beach which was perfect as we've been lacking sand and salt water in our lives! One morning we borrowed some bikes from our hotel and rode along the Strand to what I thought was Venice Beach. Turns out we didn't really get close... but my butt was sore and we were getting sunburnt so turned around too early. Next time!
On the Friday night we managed to see a baseball game in Anaheim!! Something we can finally cross off our bucket list. Melissa (ours and Rachel's wedding photographer) and her hubby Ryan took us to an Angels game against the Seattle Mariners which is conveniently the closest team from Kamloops.

It was awesome and I caught a baseball!! During warm ups (still cool!) a foul ball bounced over a bunch of peoples heads right to me. So excited. It ended up being a really good game with 3 (I think) home runs and it finished with a walk off. I'm still not 100% sure what a walk off is, but it' was obviously an exciting thing in baseball!

I'm impressed by how big Anaheim is. I always assume it's only got Disney Land, but there's actually loads of people who live there. They manage to support a baseball and an ice hockey team, and there was a decent crowd at the Angels game! Blows. My. Mind.
Lady and the Tramp ;)
I always love visiting LA and the Fragners. It makes me happy that we're living so "close" while in Canada! Mel and Ryan we still owe you guys a visit. One day we will make it further east than Nevada!


  1. Love you guys! Had so much fun. And that veggie dog pic is disgusting and hilarious all at the same time. Yay! :) (And you're welcome anytime in GA...!)

    1. That's my not so awesome camera/photography skills, NOT the subjects! It was so great to see you guys again!! We had a blast :)