Thursday, 26 July 2012


During my random stalking/creeping/wasting time on the Internet I came across what I think is a hilarious hash tag. #tallgirlproblems.

There is a blog Tall Girl Problems which can be pretty funny, but it's mostly a bit of a rag about being tall so it gets old. Twitter and Instagram are much more entertaining.

I love awkward photos with beautiful people!
These are my personal and favourite #tallgirlproblems

You always know when you're looking good or looking shitty....
Good day
Stranger - "Wow you're so tall and beautiful, you must be a model!!!"
Shit day
Stranger - "Basketball??"

People inadvertently insult you...
Stranger 1 - "It must be great being so tall!"
Stranger 2 - "No.... I wouldn't like it at all"
Me - "Ummmm thanks"
Stranger 1 and 2 - "Basketball??"

People assume it would be really hard for me to get a boyfriend and feel the need to ask personal questions...
Stranger - "So do you ever date anyone shorter than you?"
Me - "I'm married"
Stranger - "Ooohhhh?? How tall is your husband"
Me - "About 3 inches shorter than me"
Stranger - "Reaaalllyyyy? Do you ever wear heels?"
Me - "If I want too??"
Stranger -  "Basketball?"

Really, I think being tall is awesome.

I can ALWAYS see at concerts.
I can put on 5kgs and no one would even notice, also my healthy weight is a 20kg range.
If I'm wearing workout clothes, people always think I'm some pro athlete.
Go Go Gadget arms.

Height is just that great thing that you can't do anything about... though I do get secretly jealous of everyone that can wear beautiful heels!

This is one of my favourite photos from the lovely Melissa Tuck Photography. GIANT BRIDE!! HAHA


  1. Haha, I never noticed how tall you look on the left. Explanation: I was shooting from downhill! PS I think your tall-ness is amazing and I'd much rather be in your position (especially on shooting days!). :)

    1. I think it's a great shot!! Don't worry, when I'm on a plane I wish I was you!!