Thursday, 26 July 2012

Jeremy "let's go out in Kamloops!" Borowski

WE HAD OUR FIRST GUEST!!! Knew that 2 bedroom apartment would come in handy!

Jez was in Kamloops on a very brief stopover from a site visit in Alberta. He's currently working in Mongolia, so it was probably the shortest and longest work trip ever.

Wednesday is one of my favourite days in Kamloops because we get to play beach volleyball, drink beers, eat wings and drink more beers. It's swell. Jez acting as our personal cheerleader didn't seem to work so well this week as we didn't win a single game (in our defence it was our first week in B division - up from C where we'd been for 2 months!)

Jez managed to keep our friends entertained, and not offend them enough so that they wouldn't talk to us ever again!

We managed to convince him that two-step lessons at a local country bar were probably over at 11pm and instead we made a pathetic attempt at whisky drinking and had a long overdue catch up (those stress ridden days before the wedding did NOT count!)

Thanks for visiting us Jez! You left O'Hara with a significant hangover that was only cured at lunch time by a Dairy Queen Blizzard!

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