Sunday, 24 March 2013

Twelve Months in Canada - What I don't Miss from Aus

This weekend marks 12 months since we first EVER arrived in Canada. It was our first time being in the Country and we had no idea what to expect. We were told we would be cold 24/7 (lies), that Canadians are just like Australians (lies) and that we would love it here (fact).

I'd like to think our first year has been a resounding success. Everybody loves us, the move was completely smooth and work has been just perfect. HA! I kid! However looking back nothing has been so difficult we've looked at jobs back home, there's been no (out of the normal) tears, and we've most definitely had a positive experience.  We've met some incredible people, made friends that we will have for the rest of our lives, had new experiences with friends from home and managed to catch up with some of our friends in North America. A resounding success I think, though maybe not from the first reasons listed.

In honour of the country that's hosted us for the last 12 months, here's a list of 6 things I do NOT miss about Australia.

1. Bogans
Now Canada has rednecks, there is no denying this. However I am yet to see a "Fuck Off We're Full!" sticker on the back of anyone's car. The worst racist/ignorant comment I've heard was from a British cab driver who said he moved to Kamloops from the UK because there were too many coloured people in England. Lovely!

2. Always buying last seasons fruit
You would think since we have such a huge agricultural business that you'd be able to buy true fresh fruit and veg at the supermarket. I lived in Tasmania for 18 years, and could never work out why it's so hard to get a good apple.

3. The evil rich people and radio shock jocks
These people make me sad, and embarrassed to be Australian. Gina Rinehart in particular, who thinks poor people are all lazy drunks. I'm pretty sure you worked SUPER hard getting that inheritance. Eating most likely..... It's like their only focus in life is to become richer, no matter the cost to their families, friends or reputation.

The radio shock jocks have no place in an intelligent society. Laws, Sandilands and Jones I'm looking at you. You pander to stupid people and give them justification for their ridiculous views. GO AWAY!

4. Unexplainable high prices
This same thing happens in Canada, there was a Government inquiry and they found out one of the main reasons is that suppliers aren't negotiating better deals because "Canadians are used to paying more". I'm pretty sure the same thing happens in Australia. Why on earth is a jar of moisturiser in Canada $50 and in Australia $85? No legitimate reason I guarantee.

5. Politics
Our current government is a joke, the opposition is a joke. Every so often things that I'm actually proud of happens (carbon tax, NBN etc.), but I'm sure none of it will last.

6. The flies
This is a country thing. It's a bad country thing. It's almost like those bastards enjoy drinking insect repellent. If/when the drought kicks back in, the first things that will come back strong will be the flies.

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