Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My Island Home

Guys, this was possibly the best trip we've had in the last 18 months. It was our trip home. This is my opportunity to rave about how much I love my home, don't take it as a dig at our host country!
Sydney housemates reunite at the same restaurant 5 years later
O'Hara was seriously lucky and was able to have nearly 3 weeks in the Motherland. I wasn't quite so fortunate, but I've since realised that 8 days in Australia is substantially better than none. When we arrived in Canada we'd been living in Cobar for the pervious 18 month. While I love Cobar it's hardly a good representation of the awesomeness that is Australia, so it was almost a shock as to how much fun my country is. It's only a few weeks into spring there and it was plenty warm enough to swim in the ocean - though I understand Australia is experiencing a crazy hot year. *Cough* climate change *cough*. Sun Peaks is also opening a week later this year. *Cough* PROOF *cough*.
We planned the trip so we could attend the wedding of our beautiful friends Hayley and Pat. The wedding was absolutely spectacular. I haven't laughed and cried so much at a wedding ever. I'm sure part of it was the emotional turmoil of seeing my friends for the first time in 18 months, but there was a lot of love during that day. Fitzy, my goodness do we miss you. Ever day. But especially on these days. We also got to relive the London days of playing cards (Black Bitch obvs), eating scones with jam and cream and drinking Strongbow and Leffe (damn I wish it was only 99p).
You wish you could be friends with this lot!
Cheeky cards and beautiful trees - when did driving in Australia get so pretty there?
While staying in Canberra we visited O'Hara's grandparents in Batemans Bay and spent an afternoon on the beach, got to hear about his parents amazing trip around Aus, tried to convince his siblings to visit us (some again), and have incredible lattes from a new coffee shop in Curtin. I also forgot what good coffee tasted like. North Americans, can you please get your shit together! Seriously. Please! A good latte shouldn't need syrups or sugar and it absolutely shouldn't scald your mouth - note: Rachel took me to a coffee shop owned by New Zealanders in LA... that place is good times.
O'Hara's parents, aunty and grandma
We spent 2 nights in Sydney staying at Coogee. Ah, our old stomping ground. It's so weird spending time here sober. That didn't happen a lot. Sun, beers, good food, beers, more good food, beach, sun, beautiful beer gardens, more beers and many, many good friends. Heaven! Speaking of good food, we literally (not figuratively) had a suitcase full of food to bring back. Best! We also somehow rounded up 5 generations of Baxter kids at a pub one night. We would have had 6 if Simon had manned up and come out. GOSH Simon!

I was not impressed when we had to leave on Saturday afternoon to get on a plane back to Canada. Especially as I kept cheekily checking the weather in Kamloops and it was not something to look forward too. My homesickness is worse now than ever, the only thing that keeps me a little sane is that I have a little kangaroo and emu on the front of my passport. This means if I really want to, I can always go home to the most amazing place on early.
FIVE generations of Baxter College kids!
Beach, beach, beachy, beach I LOVE you!

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