Monday, 24 June 2013

Kamloops Thrive Festival and Revi Again

O'Hara is the greatest. I'd bank on him to rescue me for sure!

They won the BC Provincial Mines Rescue Competition a few weekends ago, which means they're going to Fernie in September. Of course it meant O'Hara had to change his flights back to Australia, but don't worry Aussies it's only a few days less in the Mother Country.
Go Hubby Go!
Since going to Revelstoke we've been taken it pretty easy in the rain. June Gloom exists in Kamloops as well, and I'd be sad if it didn't mean we'll get lovely green grass. Unfortunately it also means we get bazillions of mosquitoes. It's actually out of control. I went for a "walk" at work the other week out in a field and the air was thick with mozzies. I think I was only outside for about 5min, I was running and had RIDIC helicopter arms and still had 9 bites. It was like Jamanji!! When we ran inside the little sh*#s were banging against the window. Probably my worst experience in Canada so far!

Last weekend Kamloops had it's first ever Thrive Festival, which is hopefully going to be an annual arts festival. Unfortunately I don't think enough people knew about it, as it wasn't as busy as I expected. We only really knew about it because work sponsored the event. O'Hara did a sausage and jerky making course and I did a portrait photography course. We both really enjoyed them and would likely do a course again next year! Though O'Hara smelt like meat for hours. It was kinda nasty. Also, now I want a better camera.... These things make me miss Hobart, as Tasmanians seem to be awesome at getting involved with local events.

We've also been growing stuff on our balcony. It's so cool, Chrystal gave us some wild strawberry plants and these things are delish!
Two extremely beautiful things!
We're off the Chicago and Madison this weekend for Connor and Karen's wedding. So excited!! Then the parentals and little brother get here!!!!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! It's the first time any of my family has visited (aside from big bro O'Hara and Leonie). Cannot WAIT!

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