Saturday, 1 December 2012

5 things I needed to know and I now own

5 Things I should have know
There are so many things that may seem like common sense to someone who grew up in Canada, but these are not obvious to me.

- You have to leave the heating on in your house so the pipes don't freeze up
  • Me: I don't really understand how my heaters work, like whats the point of 10 degrees?
  • Friends: You can leave it on the lowest 24/7 in winter
  • Me: That seems like a waste
  • Friends: Well if you don't your pipes will freeze 
  • Me: ??
- You need to carry an emergency car kit
  • Me: I'm just hoping it doesn't snow while we're driving, I'm kinda scared I'm going to die
  • Friends: As long as you have an emergency car kit, it'll be ok
  • Me: Emergency whaattt?????
  • Friends: You know, blankets, water, snacks, torch, hazard markers, shovel, first aid, tool kit, tow strap
  • Me: ??
- Skis and snowboards need to be waxed
  • Friend: I can't go snowboarding yet, my board needs to be waxed
  • Me: ??
- Elk and Moose will stomp you and your car if threatened
  • Aus Friend: The ranger said we were "waaayyy to close"
  • Me: Why?
  • Can Friends: Elk are crazy angry, they'll stomp the crap out of your car
  • Me: ??
- Narwhals are a real thing
  • Friend: There's heaps of wildlife up north, whales, seals and narwhals and stuff
  • Me: Wait, those things with the horns?
  • Friend: Yea
  • Me: I thought they were just a random thing on Futurama
Number 6 addition: You can't leave dogs in the car when it's cold too!! This I guess is obvious, but I'd never even thought about it. Apparently the car has some sort of fridge effect, poor puppies.

5 things I now have
I also now own a bunch of things that I would never had needed in Australia
  • Winter boots - these bad boys are good down to -30 degrees C
  • A snow shovel - unless I move to Mount Wellington
  • A balaclava - O'Hara has this so he can ride to work in the cold
  • Winter tyres - Luckily these came free with Wheels!
  • Halloween decorations - Yay


  1. I don't know how I came upon your blog...but I read it backwards. You never mention who you work for...just curious - as I lived in k'loops when my kids were in Dallas Elementary. I used to throw the kids (3 of them) into the truck and drive all over the hills up there. All roads lead somewhere interesting. Pinantan, or is it Pinatan Lake. North of Kamloops... then the road between Chase and Faulkan (spelled wrong???) Lake. You should take that drive. When we first moved there I was intriqued with the amazing driveways that homeowners have in Barnhartvale. I remember the time I had to take rubbish to the dump in Barnhartvale (moving boxes etc) and I also took the kids and someone must have just had a garage sale and they dumped the leftover stuff at the dump, and (i have two girls that were barbie doll crazy at the time) once I threw all the stuff out of my truck my daughters spotted this huge pile of barbie doll stuff that someone had unloaded. A barbie house, some barbie cars and barbie camper etc. All in almost new condition on the edge of all the garbage. They dragged all the stuff into the back of the truck and then bugged me to go back so they could check out the "neat place"
    You mention the aust and nz rivalry, the cnd and usa rivalry but you never mention the HUGE one between k'loops and kelowna. It was so big and engrained that when we had to move to okanagan from k'loops I refused to move to kelowna...choosing Penticton instead. Kelowna being one big traffic jam and tourists clogged from Albertans. (Coarse now I live in Alberta hahaha). Still hate kelowna though

    1. HAHA your description of Kelowna is hilarious. I've noticed a few people make sly comments, but didn't realise there was so much rage :) too funny!

      I work at New Afton. I was with the same company in Australia too. Love living in Kamloops!

  2. This post had me laughing - I always love reading an 'outsiders' view on Canada.

    1. I think I could add so many more too.... who knew you had to shovel AND sweep the driveway???

    2. And plug your car in ;)